Monika Trevillian

Founder & President, Life Coach (LLC) and Reiki Healer, Keynote Speaker and Real Estate Agent

My name is Monika and I am originally from Europe. I am very energetic and enthusiastic. I know how to help people make their lives better. It is always easier to work on life issues with someone than fight them on your own alone.

I have a Fashion Design school diploma and a Bachelors Degree in Finance. I am a Personal Life Coach and also a Real Estate Agent.

I have many years of experience helping people with makeovers, with healthy life style decisions, with changes of fashion and outlook.


Renata Carter

Health & Wellness Coach​

I have many skills and degrees. My recent degree is Health and Wellness from Kaplan University. I specialize on "Art of Aging" and as we mature, we are getting notice that we taking more medicine, seeing physician more often, or experiencing strange symptoms. Some confusion comes from not knowing how to inter into aging. We concentrating of preparing teenagers to inter into adult life, but when we become older adults we are struggling to understand the Gerotranscendence. With me, together we can help each other to research and discuss topics on healthy aging and create our Happy Golden Years!


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